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Bright backlight

May 31, 2022

Going back to my TFT monitor after using IPS and CRT for two weeks, wow do blacks ever look so bright

screenshot of Langton's Ant on my graphing calculator

August 16, 2021

I programmed Langton's Ant on my graphing calculator and made it wrap around the screen, which made a good tilable background for this site. It's easier to see here than in the low contrast of the site's background.

Microsoft Visual Basic BASICS textbook, VB6 working model and project files on CD

May 20, 2022

A Visual Basic textbook I found that someone was throwing out. It had CD copies of VB6 and the project files used in the book, so I was able to dabble around with it.

This is not the original cover as this is a copy printed by Cengage Larning.

Deus Ex on CRT monitor

May 20, 2022

Got my hands on a CRT monitor, such a beauty (but not on my crappy camera)

I'd like to see it next to an OLED when more OLED computer monitors are available, as CRT and OLED share many advantages.

CRT in the dark

May 21, 2022

Since CRT's are not backlit, they are 100% BLACK in a dark room

A bunch of stuff open in SerenityOS

May 30, 2022

Together we can build a new glorious era. One that is lightweight, open, free from corporate tyranny, and in C++?!