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Note on July 16, 2022

Whoa, do you realize you're wanting to kill yourself over some pixels on a computer screen?

Note on July 14, 2022

Could just be because it's summer

Note on July 14, 2022

My laptop is heating up again just three months after repasting, maybe i suck at applying thermal paste?

Note on July 13, 2022

Is there any practical use for HDMI and DisplayPort having Ethernet?

Note on July 10, 2022

Getting bored of Go Vacation now, I've experienced most of what it has to offer. I will still definitely revisit it with my modding ideas if the source is ever released.

Note on July 9, 2022

MY LAPTOP'S AUDIO IS BACK!!!!!! Here is the first thing i listened to

Note on July 9, 2022

Apparently when I was maybe 11 or something, I drew something involving a "modem bonfire". I don't want to know the context.

Note on July 8, 2022

What a shame that repair and maintainence are the norm with cars, but not computers. All the major companies have made computer repair too much of a walled garden in the name of planned obsolescence.

Note on July 6, 2022

sprintf(objective, "Try to get all the silver keys!\nOnly %d left to go!", im_addicted_to_go_vacation);

Note on July 5, 2022


Note on July 5, 2022

I'm a walking duck on the net. Maybe I should set up the sanctuary network I've been thinking of.

Note on July 5, 2022

I thought about calling these notes "noises", but that may have been a bit obnoxious.