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Things I like

C programming language

The legendary low-level and portable language by the gigachad Dennis Ritchie.

Free (as in freedom) software

Having the ability to view and modify the source code for any software is great for learning programming and how things work, making improvements to software, and ensuring the software isn't malicious in any way.

Tor and I2P

Net neutrality is important, and anonymity networks like Tor and I2P are great for net neutrality since they encrypt all your traffic to prevent eavesdropping and hide your location on a network.

Anonymity networks allow anyone to run their own servers without port forwarding or worrying about publicizing their IP address, which are the two things that have been in the way of me self-hosting on the clearnet.

HTTPS and certificate authorities are not at all needed on anonymity networks. All connections are end-to-end encrypted, and a hidden service's authenticity is verified by the fact that the public address could have only been generated using a private key stored only on the legitimate server.

Specifically I2P

Unlike Tor which requires applications to be able to resolve domain names, I2P can anonymize any traffic. however, I2P cannot be used to access the clearnet since it is its own network on top of the clearnet. Everyone connected to I2P acts as a router for everyone's traffic, making I2P much more decentralized.

I2P also has its own domain name system for addresses in the network called address books, allowing eepsites (I2P websites) and services on I2P to have human-readable names.

Interoperable technologies

Interoperable standards can work with any system and be truly decentralized, not having to rely on any single entity.

Use protocols, not platforms.