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About Me

I am ClosedGL, someone who both likes and holds contempt for the direction technology is going in (We have convenience, but at what cost?)

I am an anarchist. I believe in a world that is undominated by any single entity and everyone truly shares the same power, and one where everyone is able to think for themselves without influence or manipulation. I would like to see big corporations disappear so they can stop forcing their stupid ideas that persist in modern society on us.

Asexual, nonbinary, he/him or zhe/zer or whatever

My opinions



  • My laptop

    ThinkPad Yoga 260 - It was an excess laptop from a college, and it has gotten me into free and open-source software. I have been using it for four years, and I would like to use a different ThinkPad, not because of oooo shiny new look amazing consoomerism product me want, but for better design and wider hardware support than the Yoga-series ThinkPads.

  • My phone

    Samsung Galaxy A21 - I regret getting it and I absolutely hate it because it is a locked down Google spy device. I hardly ever use it and I cut a hole to disconnect the battery so it wouldn't spy on me when it's not being used. I want to get a free and open-source phone or something to replace it, which would be more repairable and trustworthy.


  • Operating system

    Artix Linux - Like Arch but without soystemd, AUR has all the software I use, good enough system.

  • Window manager

    i3-gaps - Do things more efficiently with the keyboard and tiling windows

  • Text editor

    Neovim - Keybindings and shortcuts to edit text way more efficiently than a regular text editor, and I don't have to take my hands off the keyboard

  • Terminal emulator

    st - Alacritty and Kitty kept randomly hanging, st is way more stable

  • Web browser

    Pale Moon - I avoid anything Monopolium based, and modern Firefox is a dumpster fire. Some bloated or Monopolium-worshipping sites don't work properly in Pale Moon, but I don't blame the browser. I believe a normal browser shouldn't have to account for lots of bloat, DRM, or proprietary standards. I still have to use Firefox for school, but I will uninstall it the minute I finish my final exams in my senior year. or drop out

  • Web server

    Nginx - Nice and understandable config file syntax and reliable. I use it for my Tor/I2P/Yggdrasil mirrors and to preview my site when I am making changes to it