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I am Self-Hosting Through Tor

First published Oct 9, 2021 at 02:15 PM

Update on October 11, 2021: I ended up installing Linux on the server and I moved it to the basement. There is no more swapping nightmare for the hard drive, and I had to change the onion addresses.

Update on August 18, 2022: Yeah i lost interest in smuttyverse instances, and at this point I will continue to live with my mom rather than suffer as an underpaid worker. I am also using my ThinkPad T420s as a darknet server now instead of the Dell tower I was talking about here and am daily driving right now. It's right underneath the router, so it can use Ethernet instead of WiFi.

I now have kind of a homelab set up, and I am hosting a Tor hidden service for this site from it.

This homelab is a 9 year old PC under by bed which I installed a new hard drive and FreeBSD on and set up as a server. Everything is served through anonymity networks and over WiFi because I cannot port forward from my mom's network or run a long Ethernet cable. Hopefully I can have a better setup when I move out of my mom's house.

With my own server, I can do whatever I want with it without the limits or rules of VPS providers, and it will potentially cost less. I can upgrade the specs and storage without increasing the monthly cost by a lot. I can even host a hidden service for mirroring copyrighted content since copyright laws aren't enforced.

I would like to try setting up Pleroma and PeerTube instances, but since I cannot port forward, they will have to be accessed through Tor or I2P, and cannot be federated to other clearnet instances. I have not tried setting up I2P yet, but I plan on having I2P mirrors soon.