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The 3DS Internet Browser Test

First published Feb 10, 2022 at 11:14 PM

So you're into making websites that work with a wide variety of web browsers? Then you may want to try the 3DS Internet Browser Test.

My website in the 3DS browser

The 3DS browser really shows its age in 2022. It does not support SVG's, cannot connect to sites using TLS 1.3, always complains about Let's Encrypt, and cannot handle flex boxes or grids. You may also no longer be able to connect a 3DS to your network with the rise of WPA3.

With my website's simple design, it looks fine in the 3DS browser except for the cryptocurrency addresses where overflow-wrap is not supported. Many simple websites will look fine while many others will be a janky mess without the modern web standards they use.

If you want your site to be compatible with browsers from at least 2009 or so, this is a good test. You could maybe even support browsers as primitive as Internet Explorer 1 if you really want to go that far.

Supporting old browsers may be nice to have in some cases, but it would mean sacrificing functionality and bloating the site with many old elements though, so I generally don't. I like lightweight software and interoperable standards that can allow old computers to coexist with modern standards instead of just using dated ones.

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