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Boring Dystopia

First published May 19, 2022 at 2:20 PM

This world is boring

A dystopia of diminishing natural resources, poverty caused by the rich hoarding everything, tons of waste, tyranny, rampant spyware

My suburban area is lifeless with everything so bland and spread out by a car-centric society, wasting space on parking lots, big roads, and big box stores

No money and no driver's license means I can't travel or move anywhere, and I am stuck here being on my computer all day and riding my bike around potholes

Getting myself out of this situation would require having enough money, and we have to keep working our lives away for it, but we only get table scraps while all the selfish rich people hoard far more money than they will spend ever.

This is boring
I'll just escape to kawawii island

Nintendo Wii set up on my desk playing Go Vacation

immerse yourself in your own little electronic paradise
everyone is so happy and energetic
so much to do, many experiences to be had
the powerpc code will never bring upon collapse


you can do it

you can dream it

take a chance on meeeee