I'm Quitting Coffee!

First published on July 11, 2022 at 10:51 AM

I have been inhaling so many cups of coffee and it has been destroying me, so I have decided to try quitting once and for all. I attempted to quit the beginning of this year, but I failed and went back to my chugging of the bean that tastes like crap but is addictive. So now I am writing this blog post in the hope that announcing this decision will help.

I thought I would need to drink something else to hold myself over while I am doing this. I decided on tea, hot water, and fruit juice. I actually made myself some tea to drink while I write this blog post.

Logging my journey

An idea I have to keep going with quitting coffee is to log my journey and health improvements in between the lines below. I am also putting this in an RSS feed because having the idea that people are paying attention to this should help me keep going with this.

Quitting log RSS feed

July 11, 2022: I am feeling nautious and having headaches today, because my body was accustomed to all that caffeine and now it's gone. Should readjust after some days.

July 13, 2022: Huh, i was more tired today

August 6, 2022: What a ghost town this ended up being. You know what, I'm gonna drink coffee again. I've also been wanting to smoke marijuana anyway.