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External links to other sites I like.

People's Sites

  • Luke Smith's Webpage - The website of Luke Smith who is known for his tech videos and resists urban life.
  • Razorback - A website ran by Kugee to create an infrastructure for old computers and software. Make websites, not accounts.
  • qorg11 (Tor) (I2P) - qorg11, a cyberwarrior and anarchist.
  • Klaus Zimmermann's Musings - Klaus Zimmermann, a friendly hacker who works towards the advancement of free software.
  • Coding Otaku (Tor) - Coding Otaku's site.
  • BlackGNU (Tor) (I2P) - Werwolf's blog about anarchism, libre software and freedom in general.
  • polarhive - Nathan Paul, a geeky student who likes technology and freedom
  • Nathan's Toasty Technology Page - Nathan Lineback's website showing various GUI's and sins of Microsoft.


  • LandChad.net - Guides on how to self-host and create your own website, email server, chat servers, etc.
  • OpenNIC Project - An alternative user-controlled DNS network because ICANN'T.
  • Weblite - A proposed family of specifications for a more lightweight web without scripting.
  • Yggdrasil Network - A fully end-to-end encrypted IPv6 mesh network


Some other links

  • The World's Worst Website Ever! - A website that intentionally has bad web design.
  • 512KB Club - A collection of websites that use less than 512 kilobytes per page. Fly through sites with very short loading times!
  • Raddle - Reddit for anarchists
  • Neocities - A place where anyone can make a free static website they have full control over. It's fun seeing everyone's creativity there.

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