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My opinions and beliefs

Planned obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is a real issue. Many companies will design products to fail or become less useful so people will keep buying newer products. It creates so much e-waste which could have still been used, repaired, or recycled.

You shouldn't need to buy a new computer every two or three years. The average user could still be using a computer from 2008 or a phone with iPhone 4s-like specs with some lightweight software.


Smartphones are an everyday item for almost everyone these days. I would like them better if they weren't sandboxed proprietary devices that spy on the user. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy A21 which I have to keep in another room and not take with me when I leave the house. I should really get a PinePhone or something, which I can trust to keep around me and stay in touch more.

The iPhone was a mistake that resulted in technology being more locked down and further dumbed down. What we really need is a desktop companion, not a desktop replacement.

Cancel culture

You shouldn't dislike, stop following, or "cancel" someone just becuase of one little thing you disagree with them on. There are many people I like or feel sympathy towards, even though there are a few things I disagree with them on. You should hear what many people have to say and not be in your own bubble of beliefs.


Our current education system sucks. Students waste 7-8 hours a day for 12 years being taught to be obedient and just accept things without questioning why they are the way they are. If students were taught to think for themselves more, we wouldn't be in this mess of corporations dominating and opressive governments. Also, it's a huge waste of time that could be spent doing something you actually want to do. The hours spent in school add up to multiple years wasted!

Students should be in more control over what they learn from the start. They would have a better idea of what they want to do with their lives and be more prepared for it. Core classes that students are required to learn like English, math, science, and history should be optional instead of forcing students to waste their time on it when it will never be useful. Students should also be able to just quit school without facing legal consequences.

Desktop Linux

Linux is a decent and well supported system that is good for getting more out of your computer and having a reliable and trustworthy system, but I don't like how desktop Linux is unintuitive for most people. Just have your grandma try it out, and you will see why it isn't that mainstream.

I would like to see everyone using free and open-source software, but user experience is key, and many beginner Linux distributions lack some essential parts of an easy to use interface.

Web and Browsers

A normal web browser should not have to handle very bloated sites, lots of client-side scripts, DRM, and proprietary standards.