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I don't often make videos, but here are the videos I have made and shared. You should expect me to go a month or two without making a video.

I Got a ThinkPad T420s
September 18, 2021 | Duration: 07:09

My ThinkPad T420s arrived, but it's not ready to be used as my daily driver yet.
Ad and Tracker Blocker on Yahoo
July 13, 2021 | Duration: 01:54

I recently started using SeaMonkey as my main web browser and I finally got a legacy version of the ad and tracker blocker uBlock Origin properly installed. I thought Yahoo would be a good place to test it since it loads hundreds of trackers.
May 27, 2021 | Duration: 00:47

copyright not of here, so you should be able to distribute this with bittorrent without issues, right?
P2P File Sharing in a Nutshell
May 20, 2021 | Duration: 00:07

Audio Source: Don't Copy that Floppy
How many times can I install Manjaro GNOME in the time it takes to install Windows 10?
April 20, 2021 | Duration: 02:52

Windows 10 takes a long time to install so I thought I could install Manjaro multiple times in the same amount of time.